Interview with Debadutta Upadhyaya, CEO& Co-founder of, on their flagship portal, market vision and more

With a fast paced lifestyle, prioritizing tasks has become critical, given the busy nature of working professionals. Many tasks that are seen as mundane and trivial may end up hurting you, if not done on time.

Through the convenience of, registered users can get products delivered at their doorsteps. They have a well-stocked and wide range of products and brands. Products will be delivered within 48 hours. One can also choose a delivery time for the products to be delivered at the residence. Payments can be made on purchases via Credit/debit card Net banking and even cash on delivery.

In an exclusive interview with, Debadutta Upadhyaya, CEO& Co-founder of speaks to us on their flagship portal, market vision and much more

1. Tell us the thought process that went behind coming up with an online model for doing mundane/trivial household tasks?

The spark came from my personal experience of being a busy professional not finding time to do mundane yet critical chores.  After conversing with people, I was wondering if someone could come up with a solution for the same. Working professionals need time for themselves and don't wish to stress themselves by doing something they don't really enjoy.

We wanted to come up with solution seeing the lack of qualified service providers in the market. Key factors would be trust and convenience. We strive to fulfill basic needs. We have done enough research around this model too

2. What's your vision for the errands market in India? How welcoming would people be? How is the response so far?

The market is huge. We ventured into this not based on mere gut feel but on careful research. We categorized our target group into families with both members working, families with old parents and nuclear ones. This model will evolve over a period of time and would go through modifications based on customer needs. We have achieved good traction so far. We have built a good base for ourselves to launch as a full fledged service portal

3. Do you think the market is ripe for a formal AMC kind of setup?

The market is still in early stages. People are getting used to the AMC model of working and are welcoming an organized way of doing things. AMCs bring in more accountability and convenience to the end user. The user need not bother about due dates of a particular service. He AMC would take care of the same. This works well for the busy working population for whom time is sacrosanct

4. Is the model entirely cloud based?. How do you verify someone? How are payments routed?

The model is hybrid. It has a mix of online and offline. The initial interaction is done online. The ultimate service is rendered offline. Background and skill verification of the service providers is done by us. Payments are routed to the service providers through us. All the user needs to do it to select the AMC, sit back and relax

5. Do you wish to replace the quintessential 'chotu' who does household work?

The service timesaverz provides is a notch above what a maid or a 'chotu' can do. There are certain choices with respect to brands that need to be done by qualified personals. We don't intend to replace anyone in this space. All we wish is an organized service offering that saves money and time of the average working professional

6. Tell us more about tie-ups with retail businesses who tie up with you?

We tie up with retail houses and brands for the grocery shopping service. We have a chain of service providers ranging from manufacturers, distributors and retail houses who can help us get what the customer wants. We have also developed a wish list on our site where users can add things that they wish to buy which may not be available at the moment

7. Tell us about expansion plans for TS outside Mumbai?

Too early to venture out of Mumbai. We are focusing more on expanding our scope of services and gain a strong foothold here

8. Any inspiration from the famous Dabbawala network of Mumbai?

We went through lot of case studies and innovative models in all spheres. We try to learn the best from what we see around us. Dabbalwalas are surely an inspiration for us in the logistics and reachability part. We have built a network of service providers across the length and width of Mumbai. We have also tied up with a logistics agency to cater to the delivery part

9. How critical a role would social media play in aiding this strategy of yours?

Social media is a vital cog in our business as people are there talking about various topics. Especially, our TG is on social media making choices based on what they see around them. We do believe that conversations on social media are critical and we have much to learn from them. We have tried to make all communication from us as online as possible to engage more people and make them talk about our offering

Launched as a local e-service initiative of Right Angle Web (RAW),, as the name suggests, seeks to help people save time.  It seeks 'to make life easy' by facilitating resources to complete small tasks/jobs, and by enabling customers to shop online for household products. They also have an excellent all in one - Timesaverz Maintenance Contract (TMC) for all of one's home service needs. With its head office in Mumbai and driven by senior internet professionals, the website currently caters to residents of Mumbai

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