Interview with Mr Arvind Sivdas, Co-founder and Siddharth Nambiar, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Officeyes.com on their flagship portal, market vision and more

With a fast paced lifestyle, prioritizing tasks has become critical, given the busy nature of working professionals. Simple office tasks like procuring stationery can be taxing if not done on time

Through the convenience of www.officeyes.com , users can get office supplies delivered at their doorsteps. Started in year of 2012, within no time OfficeYes.com has become India's #1 Exclusive portal offering Office Stationery and Supplies at wholesale rates and free delivery to businesses, organizations and schools. They have a well-stocked and wide range of products and brands. Payments can be made on purchases via Credit/debit card Net banking and even cheque/cash on delivery.

In an exclusive interview with TradeBriefs.com, Mr Arvind Sivdas, Co-founder and Siddharth Nambiar, Co-Founder and Managing Director speaks to us on their flagship portal, market vision and much more

  1. Tell us the thought process that went behind coming up with an online model for supplying office stationery and supplies?

It was very simple: the huge market potential of this business. Stationery & Supplies in India is an approx $10 Bn business. While e-commerce has taken off in a major way, all of the big players so far focus on consumers only. There was nobody here focusing on e-commerce for businesses. And data from the US backs this up. E-commerce for business is worth 10x that of B2C e-commerce. Businesses buy larger basket sizes and more frequently than consumers. So it's a great business to be in

  1. What's your vision for online office supplies market in India? How welcoming would people be? How is the response so far?

Response so far is fantastic. We have been growing 100% month-on-month for the last 3-4 months and have acquired thousands of business customers, including large MNCs like GE, Microsoft, and more. Our long term vision for this business is huge. We want to be the first business-focused e-commerce company that becomes a household name. We think we have a fantastic chance of doing this. As mentioned previously, B2B e-commerce in the US is 10x that of B2C. So when this trend eventually sweeps across to India (once Indian business buyer become comfortable buying online) we are going to be perfectly places to capitalize. Another example: Staples is the world's largest stationery and Supplies Company - its share of online sales has gradually been increasing over the years - it's now at incredible 40% share of Staples' $25 Bn in revenue

  1. How different would OfficeYes be from the offline models like Staples? What's your USP?

In the US, Staples offers an online model. However, here in India we are by far the largest company in this space online. Our USP is convenience (choose from 4,000 products in one place), speed (select the products you need and click - they arrive on your doorstep), low prices and transparency of prices, and of course world-class customer service levels!

  1. Do you think explosive growth in the SME sector, estimated to be 30-40 million companies in number would be a boon to OfficeYes? How much percentage of your business is from the SME players?

Certainly. SMEs makeup a solid % of our customer base and their continued expansion and growth is good news for us. They represent about 80% of our business.

  1. How is your supply chain managed efficiently given that you source more than 3500 products from various brands? How integral is technology in the scheme of things at OfficeYes?

Our supply is managed by our team of professionals, recruited from the top companies in this domain across sourcing, operations, and logistics functions. Our warehouses are of world-class standard and technology is central to everything we do here

  1. Tell us about your logistics model. Do you believe in in-house logistics would work for a company like yours?. Share your views

We run some of our logistics in house and we also work with a small number of major partners. Fully in-house logistics may make sense for us when we are operating at a massive scale.

  1. Tell us about your expansion plans beyond Gurgaon

While our head-office will continue to be in Gurgaon, we now expended into Bangalore and Mumbai with further divisions due in other major cities. We are now a truly Pan-India company

  1. How critical a role would social media play in aligning your corporate goals to marketing activities?

Social media of course plays a role and we are active here. However it is probably a slightly less important lever for us than it is for the B2C players in e-commerce

OfficeYes.com is India's fastest growing Office Stationery and Supplies Company. The company has several thousand customers and offers 3,000+ products across 11 categories such as Office Stationery, Machines, Office Furniture, Customised Products, Corporate Gifts and more.

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