The height of folly: Tall statues and taller budgets!
Sree Vijaykumar
Sree Vijaykumar
From the Editor's Desk
When the idea of a Shivaji statue came up in 2004, it was planned to be 98 metres tall, to top the Statue of Liberty, which is a mere 93 metres. But then the neighbouring state of Gujarat decided to build a 182-metre figure of Vallabhbhai Patel. Maharashtra's government resolved to make the statue of Shivaji the tallest in the world, at 192 metres. Alas, it turns out there is a Buddha in China that is 208 metres high. So now Maharashtra's government is aiming for 210 metres. The budget for the project is growing, too. It has risen from Rs 100 crores to Rs 3600 crores - or so the government hopes. When it recently issued a tender for the first phase of the project (excluding an amphitheatre and a few other bits and bobs), with a projected budget of Rs 2500 crores, the lowest bid came in at Rs 3800 crores. More here

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