The B2B network you have built over years could be a revenue generating opportunity for you. By signing up as a TradeBriefs re-seller, you add more to your kitty & enrich your brand as well.

We have established ourselves as a high quality niche publisher, running the most popular daily B2B newsletter in India. There are 14 editions and 1 million+ white collar opt-in subscribers including 1 lakh+ CXOs, growing organically every month.

If you have a wide network of marketing or C-level decision-makers, you can provide them exposure to the highest quality B2B audience in India by reselling TradeBriefs to them. Your clients will get the benefit of our digital marketing expertise along with access to a premium audience.

100+ brands trust us. 80% of our advertising customers come back. So you're assured of long term revenue every time you re-sell TradeBriefs to your network.

Advertising Channel Email
Options - Direct Mailers (targeting and re-targeting approach)
- Newsletter Ads (banners and content marketing articles)



Live Audience

Retail Telecom Finance
Ecommerce Digital Franchise
HR Marketing
Construction Logistics All Business

Terms & Conditions

  • Earn 20% on your first sale.
  • Earn 15% on subsequent sales to the same client.
  • Campaigns can target Businesses or HNI customers only.





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