Factors Predicting Buying Behavior in Organized Retailing


Retailing in India is one of the significant contributors to the Indian economy and accounts for 35% of the GDP. However, this sector is in a fragmented state with over 12 million outlets operating in the country and only 4% of them being larger than 500 sq ft in size. This is in comparison to 0.9 million outlets in USA, catering to more than 13 times of the total retail market size. Thus, India has the highest number of outlets per capita in the world with a widely spread retail network but with the lowest per capita retail space at 2 sq ft per person as compared to 16 sq ft person for USA. Customers prefer supermarkets, convenience stores and discount stores over the traditional mom and pop stores. This change-over from unorganized retailing to organized retailing has resulted in a major shift in consumer behavior. This paper analyzes various factors like accessibility, satisfaction, sales workforce, tangibility promotion, assortment, trustworthiness factors and surveying..

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