How Virtualization and Cloud Client Computing Improve Efficiency and Production While Reducing Costs

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Retail today is all about being better, faster, and leaner. Consumers are becoming far more sophisticated in their approach to gaining market knowledge and now have far higher expectations of service and value. We can also expect to see stronger competition between retailers for the high-spending, techsavvy segment of the population - those who own smart-phones and spend more time on the web. Retail organizations must be able to access to up-to-the-minute data on their supply chains to respond to changing patterns of demand and market needs. Real-time inventory, forecasting and order management tools are required to ensure that enough of the fastest selling products are re-ordered and routed to wherever demand is detected, thereby enabling the balancing, prioritizing and streamlining of stock levels across the business to achieve the "convenient fulfillment" that consumers are now expecting.